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CRM Best Practice #12 - Smart Status Field Utilization

We've made some use of the account page STATUS field to follow accounts through a life cycle process. The Status field values and account maturity are illustrated below.

  • New Lead - This status value indicates that a new prospect was uploaded to the system either by import of a procured list or our web site forms upload (using the Aplicor web leads web service).
  • Unqualified Lead - News Leads are delegated to inside sales staff and the status is changed to Unqualified Lead. We therefore use this lead status to create our inside sales queries and line up unqualified prospects for qualification. Once the account is qualified, the status is change to "Qualified Lead". If the account is disqualified, the status is changed to "Dead" and an activity is created to note why it was disqualified.
  • Qualified Lead - We use this account status to recognize the account is assigned to a sales person and to create our sales person queries. This status stays with the account until it is either stalled or a sale opportunity is won or lost.
  • Customer - Once a sale opportunity is won, the account status is changed to "Customer". We also have a workflow rule which then migrates much of the account page information into our ERP system so that the account does not have to be rekeyed. Customer accounts are also then re-assigned from our hunters to our farmers for cross-sell, up-sell and renewals.
  • Inactive - When inside sales staff or account executives cannot make contact with an account for 150 days the status is changed to "Inactive". Inactive accounts are removed from sales person queries and placed into a drip marketing campaign (using the marketing module) until they again respond or otherwise become active.
  • Dead - Leads which are disqualified or lost in the sale opportunity are changed to a Status of Dead.

We have found that using this one field in the described manner is a short-cut to using multiple fields on several account-related pages to accomplish the same thing.


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